Quick Facts

Golf will be held at Cambridge Golf course on Monday, May 8th. Check in at 7 AM and Tee time is 8 AM.

There is a $40 fee. This includes:

  • Registration
  • Games t-shirt
  • 18 holes of golf
  • Golf cart rental
  • Lunch

Tournament Format:

18 Hole Age Groups:

  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75-79
  • 80-84

9 Hole Age Groups:

  • 85-89
  • 90-94
  • 95+

*Pairings will be made according to participants age group.

Medals for Gold, Silver and Bronze will be presented at luncheon after the tournament.


Contact Kristen Hood at 812-492-7435 or khood@swrica.org for more information.

If SWIRCA Games athletes are interested in just participating in 18 Hole golf, they can register below

To download your form, click the link. 2017 SWIRCA Games Registration Form -Golf

For more information, click here for the official golf flyer.  2017 SWIRCA Games Golf Flyer

2017 SWIRCA Games Golf Registration

  • Participant Information

  • As of December 31, 2017
  • Emergency Contact

  • Registration Fees

  • Golf Only Athlete Fee- $40 (includes site fee of $29). Includes 18 hole golf, cart, lunch, SWIRCA Games t-shirt and awards.
  • Additional T-shirts are available for $10
  • We appreciate any donation towards the future of the SWIRCA Games. Thank you! (All donations are tax-deductible)
  • Individual Waiver

    In consideration of being permitted to enter for any purpose any RESTRICTED AREA, or being permitted to compete, officiate, observe, work for, or for any purpose participate in any way in the event, EACH OF THE UNDERSIGNED, for himself, his personal representatives, heirs, next of kin, acknowledges, agrees, and represents that he has, or will immediately upon entering any of such restricted areas, and will continuously thereafter, inspect such restricted area or areas and all portions thereof which he enters and which he comes in contact, and he does further warrant that his entry upon such restricted are or areas and his participation, if any, in the event constitutes an acknowledgement that he has inspected such restricted area and that he finds and accepts the same as being safe and reasonably suited for the purposed of his use and he further agrees and warrants that if, at any time, he is in or about restricted areas and he feels anything to be unsafe, he will immediately advise the officials of such and will leave the restricted area(s): 1.HEREBY RELEASES, WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND COVENANTS NOT TO SUE the Southwestern Indiana Council on Aging, Inc. & More, SWIRCA Games, the promoters, other participants, operators, officials, any persons in a restricted area, sponsors, advertisers, owners and lessees of premises used to conduct the event and each of them, their officers and employees, all for the purposes herein referred to as "releasee", from all liability to the undersigned, his personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin for all damages, any claim or demands therefore on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in any and all death of the serving, or working for, or for any other purpose participating in the event; 2.HEREBY AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS the releasees and each of them from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they may incur due to the presence of the undersigned in or upon the restricted area or in any way competing, officiating, observing or working for, or for any purpose participating in the event and whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise. 3.HEREBY ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR AND RISK OF BODILY INJURY, DEATH, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE due to the negligence of releasees or otherwise while in or upon the restricted area and/or while competing, officiating, observing, or working for, or for any purpose participating in the event. 4.EACH OF THE UNDERSIGNED expressly acknowledges and agrees that the activities at the event and in the restricted areas are dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage. EACH OF THE UNDERSIGNED further expressly agrees that the foregoing release, waiver, and indemnity and agreement is agreed is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the Province or State in which the event is conducted and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect. THE UNDERSIGNED HAS READ AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNS THE RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, and further agrees that no oral representations, statements or inducement apart from the forgoing written agreement have been made. The waiver, release and indemnification agreement specifically embraces each and every event sanctioned, authorized or promoted by said releasee during the entire season and applies to each and every event, or activity herein above mentioned, and has the same effect as if executed after each and every activity or event in which the undersigned participates so that the parties herein intended to be released and indemnified shall be fully and effectively released and indemnified as to each and every event herein above described. I grant the SWIRCA & More- SWIRCA Games, its sponsors and affiliated venue locations the right to use my name and any pictures taken of me during the 2017 SWIRCA Games without remuneration of the purpose of promoting Athletic Competition and Wellness
  • By signing my name below, I agree to the above terms and conditions.
  • Payment Information

    Checks payable to: SWIRCA & More Memo line write SWIRCA Games. We accept cash, check, Mastercard or Visa. Email: khood@swirca.org Fax:1-812-464-7843. Mail to: SWIRCA & More Attn: Swirca Games K. Hood 16 W Virginia St. Evansville, IN 47710